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Uralofoz was created to support the supply and sale of Ural sidecars in Australia. We offered sidecar driver education to many motorcyclists who were wanting to learn more about sidecar driving because they were purchasing one, or wanted to try driving a sidecar in a safe environment before deciding if they should take the plunge and buy one of these fun means of transport.

Uralofoz sidecar training also facilitated the possibility to test drive a Ural sidecar. For safety reasons test rides are generally not possible on public roads for riders who have little or no previous experience sidecar driving.
For many years Jon has provided training sessions on his family farm using off road courses in open fields riding Ural outfits. 

Jon has retired and is no longer offering the courses he has been offering here, but the information on this website will remain for your enjoyment and self instructionJon is still passionate about sidecar driving and likes to help new recruits learn the basics to safe sidecar driving. 
There are also some stories and photos in these pages which relate to events where groups of Ural owners gathered to enjoy a shared trip or adventure ride on their Urals. These group activities proved invaluable to all participants as they pooled information about the riding, maintenance and fun of a Ural sidecar.
If you would like to enquire further about learning to drive a sidecar outfit you should call Ural Australia on 02 67784673 or email them on their address shown on our last page and they will be glad to help.


Read some of our accounts of past Ural sidecar trips to wet your appetite for your very own Sidecar Adventures 




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