Have you ever aspired to become a sidecar owner or just to try driving a sidecar. Here in Rural New England we have a safe and pleasant environment  with a small fleet of Ural sidecars for just such an opportunity.

For those wishing to drive a Ural sidecar outfit and become familiar with it, we have a special training program complete with farm animals and Australian wildlife all within the park like surrounds of our farm.  Our training programs are mostly done one on one, but small groups are also catered for.

We have updated to the new fuel injected Ural models with disc brakes all round, hydraulic steering dampers and a host of other new features. These bikes are easier to steer with the new damper and consequently first time sidecar drivers are finding these outfits easier to learn sidecar driving technique.

Check the following pages of this website and find out the how, when, where and why of our service.

We can also supply sidecars for promotion, film production etc., but are not equipped to hire out sidecars for independant touring. Sorry!!

Good Used Ural Outfits For Sale
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Read some of our accounts of past Ural sidecar trips to wet your appetite for your very own Sidecar Adventures 

        There is some fun to be had there.
                            Let's get started by learning to safely drive an outfit !




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